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Finish It sets you up with the mindset, tools, and plan you need to get it done.


We've helped people to finish books, education degrees, and all types of creative projects. We can support you.


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"5 Steps to Finish It" 

Have you gotten stuck on a project you care a lot about? This 1-hour seminar will help you to move forward with a clear plan to finish what you started.


We’ll cover how to:

  • define what “done” means for you

  • create a set of realistic milestones your deadline

  • set up accountability that suits your personality

  • protect your time in fierce and friendly ways

  • look forward to enjoying the work itself


Mini "Finish It" workbook included.

Virtual seminar (1 hour): $25

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What we've heard

"Deeply motivating"

Workshop participant

"I loved your post today on procrastination. It feels like you’re speaking just to me it’s so relevant."

Newsletter subscriber

"Felt great to have some support."

Workshop participant

"I am feeling more sure about my time management. ...

The thesis journey and especially thinking about the legacy of it was very empowering."

Workshop participant

"Writers, artists, academics, & anyone who’s ever been hard on yourself for not accomplishing that big project on sabbatical or summer break (or during a pandemic?), read this thoughtful, honest piece."

Medium reader

"I felt that my own tendency to overthink was a hurdle to completing the thesis but now I believe it can be managed or used for a good purpose"

Workshop participant 

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