5 Steps to Finish It​


Have you gotten stuck on a project you care a lot about? My signature workshop will help you to move forward with a clear plan to finish what you started.


We’ll cover how to:

  • define what “done” means for you

  • create a set of realistic milestones your deadline

  • set up accountability that suits your personality

  • protect your time in fierce and friendly ways

  • look forward to enjoying the work itself


Mini Finish It workbook included.

1-hour virtual seminar

Priced according to group size.

Let me guide you through my 5-step process for finishing, based on interviews and research into how people finish difficult things. It’s designed to reduce your trial-and-error and get you back on track to completion. Consider this one-hour seminar your next step in shaking off the stress of being stuck. And get ready to begin enjoying your creative work once again, with a solid plan for how you'll finish it.