Our 4 virtual workshops

Take one or all. Rates begin at $120 for groups of 1-6 participants.

Find Your Time

75 minutes

When should you work on your project? This workshop will help you figure that out, so you can work with your innate circadian rhythm—rather than against it. Using Daniel Pink’s ideas about chronotypes, you’ll identify your own, and discover the best time of day to tackle different aspects of your project. We’ll also learn about the concept of “deep work,” and how to create the conditions for it in your life. Request this workshop here. 

How to Keep Going

75 minutes

This workshop dives deep into all the elements that keep your project moving after it has started—everything from habits to environment to head games to the gentle reminders we give ourselves. We’ll cover 10 that help people to keep going, from telling someone about your goal to making sure that perfectionism doesn’t skuttle your good ideas. Together, we’ll distill the secrets of those who excel at maintaining focus and energy under difficult conditions, including Formula 1 pit crews, surgeons, sled-dog teams, and long-haul Arctic researchers. Leave with an expanded toolkit for how to keep your project moving, and a personal Recharge List for preventing burnout. Request this workshop here. 

Believe It

75 minutes

What brought you to this moment? This workshop solidifies the direct link between you, your sources of meaning, your unique talents, and a need in the world. We’ll dig into how your relationship to project is fueled by self-confidence and at times slowed by self-doubt.  You’ll also explore how belief in your project relates to other people. We’ll end with a memorable pairs exercise that past students have called surreal, wonderful, empowering, and deeply motivating. Get it!  Request this workshop here.

Quit or Grit?

75 minutes

Do you wonder if you should quit a manuscript you’ve invested in and move on to your next project? Deciding whether to grit your way through to a strong finish—or leave it behind you--can be agonizing. Designed for those with a project in mind that they’re contemplating quitting—or recommitting to more strongly. This interactive workshop will help you figure out what you really want to do.


We’ll cover the role of regret, other people’s expectations of you, and the theory of sunk costs as it relates to the sweat, love, and hours you’ve already poured into your endeavor. At the end, you’ll draft a tentative decision to move you beyond your crossroads and a set of promises to yourself. These will be married to a definitive timeline for keeping them. Request this workshop here.