"Finish It" Friends





Need some regular support and accountability?

"Finish It" Friends are small groups of 3-5 people. Everyone in the group is working on a project or cause they care about—and has a goal in sight. Sign up below.

How it works:

  • Sign up by using the form below, including some information about your preferences and project. 

  • You'll receive an email when a spot opens up in a group that meets your criteria. 

  • Each group meets once a month for 3 months (so, you'll meet a total of 1 hour each month over a 3-month period).

  • Who facilitates the groups? Sarah Campbell facilitates the first and final meetups.

  • What do the groups focus on?  You'll design goals that you can realistically accomplish in a 3-month period, and use the meetups to share progress updates. A suggested format, worksheets, and some guided discussion are provided to help groups maximize the benefits of this invested support circle. 


$30 to join a group for a 3-month period.

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